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Biography Michael A.B. Naafs.
Michael A.B. Naafs is a Dutch internist-endocrinologist with a long clinical career in internal medicine and endocrinology .

His Ph.D Endocrinology was obtained at Leiden University (1988) and focused on the renal end-organ resistance to PTH (Parathormone) infusion in normo-and hypercalcaemic patients with solid tumors secreting a PTH-like factor.
Other area’s of interest are clinical pharmacology where he was in the front of clinical research of transdermal nitroglycerin patches.(1984) Recently he participated in the standard book project
“Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Methods in Clinical Pharmacolgy”
Eds Hock.F.J,Gralinski M.R 2nd Edition,,2017,Springer Verlag,
providing the section “Pharmacodynamic Evaluation: Endocrinology”.
At present he works as an independent Health consultant
(Naafs International Health Consultancy ) and as a Medical Writer.
In Infectious Medicine he was one of the first to report about HIV-2 infection (1990) Experience in HIV,MDRTB and Tropical Infectious Medicine was acquired during a one year stay at Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital,Umthata,South Africa.( 2008).
Michael Naafs is a Honorable Editor of the Endocrinology& Metabolism International Journal and an Honorable Member of the Editorial Board of the Global Journal of Otolaryngology.
Michael Naafs